Geotag uses several other programs that their authors made freely available. Thanks go to:

Drew Noakes
for MetadataExtractor
Jarno Elonen
for NanoHTTPD
Jef Poskanzer
for Acme.JPM
Karsten Lentzsch
for JGoodies Looks
Liz Marks
for the Lizardworks TIFF library
Robert Harder
for FileDrop

I also would like to thank the following for contributing to Geotag:

Uffe Ougaard
for the Danish translation
Frédéric Darboux
for the French translation
Tonny Verhoef
for the Dutch translation
Alexandre C. Leite
for the Brazilian translation
Ales Zeleny
for the Czech translation
Carlos Pomares Quintero
for the Spanish translation
Paweł Krafczyk
for the Polish translation
Анатолий Стреж
for the Russian translation
for the Greek translation
Per-Erik Johansson
for the Swedish translation
Angelo Giammarresi
for the Italian translation
The Geotag Icon Project
The Geotag application icon was produced by Bruce McKenzie with input from David Hall, icerabbit and Andreas Schneider and kindly donated to the Geotag project by the Geotag Icon Project at
The Geotag users
for their feedback, bug reports, suggestions and encouragement.