This is a new and experimental feature. Any feedback about it (even positive feedback, saying it works for you) is appreciated.

Geotag can use coordinates copied to the clipboard and assign them to images. This behaviour can be surprising and confusing for people who don't want to use it. Therefore it needs to be enabled first. Open the Settings dialog and go to External programs->Clipboard->Monitor clipboard and select the check box to enable this feature.

Once this feature is enabled, just select one or more images in Geotag, then in an external program (your web browser for example), select coordinates for the selected images and copy them. Geotag monitors the clipboard (the bit where copied text is copied to) and tries to find geographical coordinates in any text copied to it. If Geotag can make sense of the copied text it will automatically use the recognized coordinates for the selected images.

Geotag tries to be clever about extracting coordinates from text copied to the clipboard, but it might need a little help to get it right. First of all, Geotag needs to know if the coordinates you plan to copy are latitude first or longitude first. Most coordinates are given latitude first, then longitude and that is the default. If the coordinates you want to copy are the other way round, open the Settings dialog and go to External programs->Clipboard->Latitude first and remove the check mark next to it. Coordinates will be treated as longitude first, then latitude from then on.

By default, Geotag uses the letter >N,S,E,W (or the equivalent in your language) to determine the signs of the coordinates. This should work in most cases, but can lead to problems if the coordinates you copy are from a source in a different language. There are four more settings that allow you to specify which letters should be recognized for each of the four directions. Let's say you use Geotag in German, then the letter for East is O for 'Ost'. If you then copy coordinates from an English language web site, the letter E is not recognized. If you specify OE as Letters for 'East' then both O and E will be recognized. Unfortunately if you try and copy coordinates from a French web site, where O may stand for Ouest (West) you might need to change this setting quite often.

How does Geotag recognize coordinates?

Here is roughly how:

Latitude and longitude are only distinguished by the Latitude first setting. The letters N,S,E,W are only used as signs, so if you select 'latitude first' and the first coordinate is a longitude starting with the letter 'W' then Geotag will interpret it as a negative (southern) latitude (Geotag tries to be clever, but not that clever).

The format Geotag recognizes is currently the following:

Here is what a coordinate is:

Geotag searches for this pattern twice in your copied text (once for the latitude, once for the longitude). If the coordinates you want to copy into Geotag don't fit this pattern, please let me know - this is just a first shot at recognizing coordinates and it's unlikely I have covered every possible set of coordinates possible.