One of the main design goals for Geotag was, to make translating the user interface easy. Geotag is now available in the following languages:

For other languages we will need volunteers. Here is what you need to translate Geotag:

Contributing a translation

You no longer need to install any software to help translate Geotag. We now use an online translation web service called The easiest way to get started is this:

To see your translation in action, you need to download your translation as a .po file. To do this, select Language Options on the translation web site, then select Export. Make sure that 'Po' is selected as the export type (it should be the default) and click the Export button. This should download the translation (for example Geotag_Danish.po) to your computer's download folder. You can then start Geotag from the command line like this:

Translation guidelines

Run Geotag often, to check that your translations show up in the right places.

The following strings must be present unchanged in your translation

Important: The text to be translated contains several lines that are messages displayed in Google Maps in a web browser. These messages need special treatment. When using please make sure to check out the translation comments indicated by a green speech bubble to the right of the translation.

Some characters in those messages are surrounded by <u> and </u>. These specify the shortcut keys available for the actions in the menu on Google maps. Those characters need to be different for each menu item, except for Show menu and Hide menu which should use the same character as a shortcut key.

The text to be translated contains the GPL license. If you want to translate it, please use a translation found here. If there is no translation available, please do not translate the license yourself, but leave the English text in place.

Please stay close to the original English wording, but avoid using English words in your translation if there are equivalent words for that term in your language. If you can't think of an equivalent word in your language, try to think harder or ask other people, but ignore them if they say everyone will understand the English word. Once you have translated all texts, please proofread them and let me know you are done. If I add more text to Geotag, you will receive an email from and you can then add the new translations on their web site. This will not happen very often.