Geotag now supports XMP sidecar files. These are files containing metadata for your images. They have the same name as the image file, only with a .xmp suffix. The advantage of these files is, that you don't have to modify the original image file.

Here is how Geotag deals with XMP sidecar files:

When finding location data
  • Geotag first scans the original image file to see if it contains location data.
  • Then, if an XMP sidecar file exists, it scans that file as well.
  • Location data from the sidecar files has precedence over that found in the original image.
When writing location data
  • If an XMP sidecar file exists, the location data will be stored in that file.
  • If no XMP file exists, Geotag will by default write the location data to the original image.
  • There is however a check box labeled 'Always write to XMP files' to be found at 'File->Settings'.
  • If you select this check box, Geotag will always write the location data to an XMP sidecar file and create one if it doesn't exist yet.